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What is a General Contractor?

Many of us tackle home improvement projects ourselves. The DIY trends, home improvement shows, and accessibility of tool rentals have made small home projects a "weekend activity" over the past 10 years.

But what do you do when you need to upgrade your kitchen, add an additional hang out space, or remodel a master bathroom?

For large projects - you need to hire a general contractor.

General contractors supervise, organize, and plan large projects. They know how to pull the permits that you didn't know existed. They are familiar with the reputable carpenters, plumbers, and electricians in your area. They do more than just manage the tasks - they take responsibility for the entire worksite.

A licensed general contractor is very important when tackling major home renovation. General contractors carry workers compensation and liability insurance. They protect homeowners in the situations where workers get injured on property.

Relationships are important - and general contractors have relationships with suppliers. They know how to get the best products at the best costs and know who to call when something doesn't work as intended.

Most general contractors have spent years working in the industry and have learned the skills needed to manage the team that is working on your project. They have experience in estimating costs, understanding timelines, and hiring the right people.

So when do you need to hire a general contractor over "doing it yourself?"

A good rule of thumb is to evaluate the amount of tasks in the project.

For example:

"Installing new kitchen cabinets" is one task.

"Remodeling a kitchen" is multiple.

"Installing laminate flooring" is one task.

"Finishing the basement" is multiple.

When multiple tasks are required, usually it means that there is a large potential for the "unplanned." This is where a general contractor is important. They have the experience and are trained to plan what seems to be the "unexpected."

If you are unsure if your project warrants a general contractor, or if you should just attempt to do the project yourself - the best solution is to just call! If you are in the Georgetown, Boxford, Topsfield area give us a call at 978-561-9444 or send an email to where we would love to give you some advice.

Additionally, check out some articles we found here and here on the topic.

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